Mike Holmgren as your 2010 Bills head coach?

Mike Holmgren
Holmgren has a record of 157-100 with Green Bay and Seattle. He has coached in three Super Bowls (winning SB XXXI) and has guided his teams to the playoffs twelve times, and has won eight division titles. He is noted for his role in molding quarterbacks such as Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck.

Mind of Joe:
I like Holmgren the most of the Mount Rushmore of coaching Millionaires. He has a great track record of taking two losing franchises and turning them around to being Super Bowl contenders. His Quarterback’s resume is quite impressive. He’s use to coaching in a small market and bad weather cities like Buffalo. I really can’t think of a knock against the guy besides coaching in a weak NFC West division.

Mind of Ralph
Holmgren told Peter King that he wants to coach in the northeast in 2010. I do wonder what sort of role Holmgren would want. Remember, he was a GM his first part of his tenure in Seattle, then was forced to give up those duties in 2002. Maybe Holmgren would take a head coaching job and let the Bills hire a pro personnel man. Again, the 800lb gorilla in the room is money. Holmgren is going to want a lot of it. But of the 7-10 million dollar coaches, I see Holmgren being the more servicable than the other two coaches, because of where he has coach and not being the main guy in each spot.

Percentage that Holmgren is the Bills head coach in 2010: 20%

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