Jon Gruden as your 2010 Bills head coach?

Jon Gruden

Resume: Gruden has a 95-77 record in eleven seasons as the head coach for Oakland and Tampa Bay. He won a Super Bowl in 2002 and has guided his teams to the division title five times. Gruden is known as an offensive genius, who made Rich Gannon look like a hall of famer in his years in Oakland.

Mind of Joe
Not a fan of this one either. Sure, he would fit the Bills fan’s love for a loud mouth, no non-sense coach. But how can you give him credit for winning a championship in Tampa Bay? Gruden, had an all-world defense waiting for him that was created by Tony Dungy. His offenses in Tampa were average at best, with the majority of his quarterbacks (See Chris Simms & Jeff Garcia) wanting to do bodily harm to him. If you ask me, his colorful “Chucky” personality is what made him a household name. Lets not forget Gruden hasn’t won a playoff game since Super Bowl XXXVII. He kind of sounds like a poor man’s version of Mike Shanahan, except he has the Napoleon complex.

Mind of Ralph
That Napoleon complex, along with money would keep Ralph from giving Gruden a chance in Buffalo. I read an interview where Ralph’s wife told Marv Levy (when he was hired as GM) to just keep Ralph in the know. Do you picture Gruden taking 3 to 4 phone calls a day about what direction the team is going? I don’t think so. I’m sure Ralph would call his old friend, Al Davis, and ask him about Gruden. Gruden and Al butted heads a lot at the conclusion of his tenure in Oakland, so I doubt he’d give him a good reference. I don’t think Wilson wants another Tom Donahoe on his hands. Not to mention, Gruden signed an extension to stay with Monday Night Football for 2010.

Percentage that Gruden is the Bills head coach in 2010: O%
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