Jim Haslett as your 2010 Bills head coach?

Jim Haslett

Resume: Haslett has a 47-61 record in seven seasons as the head coach for New Orleans and St. Louis. He guided the Saints to one division title and brought the franchise their first playoff victory in 2000. Haslett also played linebacker for the Bills from 1979-1985 and won defensive rookie of the year.

Mind of Joe
My heart almost sank when hearing John Clayton on the radio yesterday say that Haslett would be a good fit in Buffalo. Haslett is exactly like Dick Jauron, except he has a mouth. He had one good year in New Orleans and the rest of his years the team was hovering around the .500 mark. Haslett even hired Turk Schonert as his QB coach for god sakes. Sound familiar? I know some old school Bills fans would love the move because Haslett was a good player for the Bills in the 80’s, but that doesn’t mean he’d make a good coach. I’d rather see Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas coaching the team than this retread failure of a coach. Lets not forget that Haslett is currently coaching in the fledgling UFL, which means no one wants him.

Mind of Ralph
Usually whenever a coach gets fired the owner normally likes to bring in a coach who is that exact opposite of the predecessor. Ralph may see Haslett as that guy. He’d also come very cheap and wouldn’t demand any sort of power besides his own office and assistant. I’m sure Ralph could market Haslett as being a coach with a new attitude and a forgotten son coming home to Buffalo (cue up Haslett playing footage as a method to sell tickets on TV). The only thing going against Haslett is that the Bills didn’t bother interviewing him in 2006 when he was out of work. Even still, a Haslett hiring would represent the status quo at One Bills Drive.

Percentage that Haslett is the Bills coach in 2010: 30%
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