Bills want to talk to other candidates..but not good ones

Well, after reading that the Bills were interested in talking to Mike Shanahan, I was at a pretty good place with the coaching search. Then I saw the rest of the Bills apparent wish list.

Adam Schefter is also reporting that the Bills will investigate options expected to include Florida Tuskers coach Jim Haslett and New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, both of whom has ties to the Bills.

You have to be kidding me? Kevin Gilbride?! Don’t the Bills remember how badly he ran the offense in 2003? Hell, the Bills set records for offensive futility with Gilbride running the offense. There is a reason why the only time Gilbride was successful in his 17 plus years of coaching was when Tom Coughlin was his boss. He was a failure in San Diego as a head coach. A failure as an O.C. for the Bills, Oilers, and Steelers. It’s one thing to hire a retread, it’s another to hire a retreaded offensive coordinator.

I’ve already made my feelings clear on Haslett. He’s nothing more than Dick Jauron with a personality. One season in the playoffs and 14 games under .500. I don’t care how many tackles he made for the Bills in the 80’s. Hiring him would be a mistake.

Another candidate on the Bills radar is Marc Trestman, coach of the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes, who posted a CFL-best 15-3 regular season record and has his team one win from the Grey Cup final.

Seriously? Who the hell is this guy? Is this the best way the Bills can market to Canada? By hiring a coach from Montreal? Oh, that will put some butts in the seats. I just googled his bio and I understand he had some success as a coordinator for the 49ers (96-97) and the Raiders (2002). But that success happened a long time ago.

Someone may want to go over the wish list one more time with Ralph Wilson. The cynic in me does think that maybe the Bills are just floating Shanahan’s name around, so they can tell the fans that at least they tried to get a high priced coach. Seriously, why would you have Shanahan at the top of your list and then your next candidate is Kevin Gilbride? Weird.

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