The Ball is in Ralph’s court

Ralph Wilson is like a recovering alcoholic. He finally realized that he has a huge problem, something he should of realized last year. Wilson has taken the first step in recovering the Buffalo Bills from oblivion, but the real work is just getting started.

Jauron is gone and all of the Bills fans are rejoicing. But before you break out the champagne, lets remember how you felt when the Bills fired Wade Phillips, then it was Greg Williams, then it was Mike Mularkey. While the coaches have changed, the feeling remains the same. Thank god it happened!

But that’s the problem, for every Wade Phillips who gets fired, we get a Dick Jauron type coming in. This is where Wilson has to put his money where his mouth is. Ralph always talks about how he wants the city of Buffalo to win a championship. Well, Wilson needs to stop looking at his payroll like it’s the 70’s and invest in the coaching staff and a real NFL GM.

The NFL is a coaches and general manager’s league. There is a reason why guys like Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh are successful in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. It’s because they have competent football men running the team that can draft pro bowlers and find linebackers on the street to start.

Either Russ Brandon or Wilson’s wife need to lock Ralph in a room and hammer it into his head that hiring coaches for just over a million dollars isn’t going to work. Hell, if Wilson is so cheap then cut Lee Evans and Aaron Schobel and use the money to hire a Bill Cowher or Mike Holmgren type. You want to sell the team to the Toronto area? Bring in a coach with Super Bowl hype. It didn’t work with Owens.

The worst thing Wilson can do now is to stop here. He has to continue with the house cleaning. That was the biggest mistake he made when he fired Tom Donahoe. For whatever reason, Wilson decided to let Donahoe’s flunkies keep running the team. He needs to fire John Guy and Tom Modrak. He needs to have Russ Brandon hire a real GM who can help him in pro personnel choices.
I’m sick and tired of the dismissing the notion that the Bills won’t go after high priced coaches. For god sakes, the team got 78 million dollars to move Bills games to Toronto!? That’s a dam drop in the bucket for a 5-6 million dollar coach.
We all know that Wilson is up there in age, so why not spend all the money he has made over the 50 years he has ran the team and just go all out, Flordia Marlins circa 1997, and try and buy a championship. Any objections?

Bottom line, Wilson has to change his hiring ways. Mark my words, if he doesn’t, we will be having the exact same discussion 2-3 years from now.

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