Did the players finish off Jauron?

Well, I wrote at about 2:10PM today, that with the Bills demoting Edwards and firing Schonert, that things seem to happen in 3’s and maybe a Jauron firing was coming around the corner. Didn’t think it would be 20 minutes later.
I swear, I was as giddy as a 15-year old girl seeing the Twighlight Movies when I heard the news. So why now? I wrote earlier that the choice to bench Edwards had more to do with Jauron not trying to lose the lockeroom than the play of Edwards.

Then I heard Aaron Schobel’s comments on Monday, that he didn’t know what direction this team was going in and implied that it wasn’t the player’s faults for it.

That’s why Wilson, in my opinion, decided to fire Jauron now. Jauron had lost his players. From Terrell Owens and Josh Reed going off about Edwards to a 3.3 million dollar player (Roscoe) sitting on the bench. That’s a lot of discontent in the lockeroom if you ask me.

The biggest reason (besides the money) why Jauron was kept after last year was because his players loved him. Hell, Wilson said it in his statement to TBN that it was a hard decision because he had so much respect for him.

Everyone stood up for Jauron when the media and fans wanted him out. We all heard the quotes on how Jauron was a stand-up guy and how the players wanted to bring him home to meet mom & dad.

But how much can you love a guy that coaches not to win. A coach, that you can name at least 20-25 game situations that he cost the team a win. Every single offensive player on the Bills team is having their worst career year ever! You can’t tell me Marshawn Lynch and Lee Evans are happy about their stats. Loving your coach is one thing, losing is another thing, but messing with a player’s stats is the last straw.
The veteran players on the team seemed to grow annoyed as the season went on and I think Wilson and Brandon knew that. Of course, losing to an old AFL rival could of been the last straw as well.

So Bills fans, start playing the Hallelujah song, Jauron is finally gone. Hopefully the worst is over for this franchise.

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