The best of the worst

WTF can you say about the Bills offensive line that hasn’t already been said. They are bad. Normally, a young offensive line is suppose to gel as the season rolls on. Not this line. The line can’t block, can’t line-up correctly, can’t pass protect, and can’t even stay on the field-

-If you want to see how an offensive line should play football, I hope you were watching the Titans line as closely as I was today. One of the best looking plays in football is a screen pass. The Titans ran a ton of them and the set-ups were all well executed. Seeing guys at 300 plus pounds run down the field and knock out corners and linebackers (or safties converted to linebackers) is a work of art. On the contrary, any time the Bills run a bootleg or a screen pass, the quarterback has about 1.5 seconds to get rid of the football because the rushers come in so fast-

-What f$%ken team takes their undersized safety and play him at linebacker. It’s as if the Bills are looking for a new 21st century version of iron man football. WTF is going to happen next year when T.O. and Josh Reed are free agents? Are they going to convert Leodis McKelvin to a wide receiver? How about putting Brian Morman in at quarterback since he’s the most athletic person on the team. If my math is correct, the Bills have seven players on the team that the coaching staff has converted to different positions (Bryan Scott, George Wilson, Nic Harris, Jarius Byrd, Eric Wood, Brad Butler, Andy Levitre). I guess because Jason Peters was drafted as a tight end it gives the Bills a reason to use their personnel this way, or they are just plain dumb-

-BTW, Poz should NOT be on the field when it’s 3rd and long. He has absolutely no side to side movement when it comes to pursing backs or covering backs out of the backfield. Again, if the dude didn’t come from Penn State and reminded Bills fans of Shane Conlan (Overrated linebacker BTW), he’d be much more scrutinized.

-I almost pissed myself laughing when I read that Bud Adams gave the Bills sideline a double flip the birdie sign. Funny, that an 86-year old shows more passion about his team than the entire Bills regime. There is something that happens to the old AFL owners when they play against each other, that brings out the worst in them. And I’m not talking about Bud. Remember, Ralph Wilson was so overcome with joy with the Bills last second win against the Raiders last season, that he rewarded Dick Jauron with a phat 3-year contract extension. I doubt Bud would be that overjoyed to give Jeff Fisher the same love-

-Look, I’m over talking about the lightning rod known as Terrell Owens. Listening to the post game show on WGR, the hosts were all over T.O.’s body language and demeanor during the game. Yet, on WGRZ, all the pundits wrote about how it’s good to see someone on the sideline show some passion. I’m over it at this point. I also don’t think his reactions or soundbites deserved his very own highlight reel on ESPN. The highlights showed Owens yelling on the sidelines, dropping a pass, and couple of post-game soundbites. Hell, you didn’t even see his two long completions on the day. I’m not a f$%ken body language doctor, but it doesn’t take a M.D. to know that the Bills are DOA. In other words, the Bills problems are beyond Terrell Owens yelling on the sidelines or Trent Edwards missing a read-

-Another week, another poor running effort from the Bills. 89 yards in total and most of it coming late in the game. I know, I’ve been tough on Lynch, but today I realized you can’t blame the backs for their effort. Both Lynch and Jackson ran hard, but when you have a line that lets its running backs get hit two yards behind the line of scrimmage, you’re not exactly helping the cause. Also, like to point out that it was good to see the bills run some wildcat formations, which I’ve been saying they should of been doing since say…training camp-

-Nice fu$$ken play call on the QB sneak on 3rd and 2 in the 4th quarter. Did the coaches think that Trent Edwards is 10 feet tall,that he could just fall over and get the first down. That’s the longest attempt for a QB sneak to get a first down I have seen in a long time-

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