Did Mike Schopp have an epiphany?

So over the last three years, Mike Schopp has always criticized Bills fans who complain about the team, and yet keep on going to the games. Hell, he’s one of the few media personalities who has blamed Bills fans for supporting a team that doesn’t make change.

All of a sudden this week, Schopp is now taking a stand that the fans shouldn’t get the blame for supporting a team that refuses to make changes. WTF is up with that? Did Schopp all of a sudden grow a heart? For years, that’s all I heard the guy say, if you keep filling up the seats there is no point for the team to make changes. He faulted Bills fans for it more than Bucky Gleason or Jerry Sullivan.

Recently, he’s been throwing the idea that the Bills don’t need ticket sales because they have so much money from the TV contract. Well, where was that logic last year and the years before? So, why all of a sudden the change of heart? Was it because his new assistant, who he can’t stop talking about is making him see the light? Maybe the Actor’s Draft, that took up 3 hours of air time last week, made him appreciate the fans or listeners more? I doubt all that, I think it’s about programming.

It got me thinking back to the days of WGR being so hell bent on killing off Doug Flutie and anointing Rob Johnson as the starter. For about 2 years, Flutie could do no right, yet in WGR’s eyes, Rob Johnson was a star in the making. After Johnson won the Flutie QB controversy, it only took two games for the radio staff to throw Rob Johnson to the curb.

Maybe, Schopp and WGR management figured out that more callers believe that it’s the fans fault for the Bills not making changes because they are filling it up at the box office. I wrote in some of my early blogs that talk radio is about creating conflict. You don’t want everyone to agree on everything.

I almost laughed my ass off when Schopp mentioned a caller calling weeks ago, saying if Buffalo was NYC, fans wouldn’t be going to the games. Schopp scoffed at that notion and went off on the caller, saying NYC fans would support a poor team.

Um, Mike, you may want to take a visit to the Islanders rink or see how full the Jets stands were in 2005, when they finished 4-12. How about going to a Knicks game and seeing how the 300 level seats are all empty, (unless playing Cavs or Lakers). Trust me, if the NYC teams suck, fans will stop going.

Personally, I do think fans should take some of the blame for the Bills lack of movement in the front office. The bottom line is the bottom line. If you hate Jauron, then don’t goto Bills games.

The Bills brass understands that they don’t have to do much to wet the fan’s appetite. I remember 2 years ago, a friend of mine ordered season tickets in March, just a week after the Marcus Stroud trade. When he called the ticket office, the operator said that tickets were selling like crazy because of the Marcus Stroud trade. You mean to tell me the Stroud trade resulted in a spike in season ticket buys? Marcus Stroud? Sure, he’s a decent player, but he’s not someone I’d say would win the Bills 2-3 more games. Like I said, very easy to please.

Yes, this blog went in like 20 different directions, so I’m sorry.

Comments are welcomed

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2 Responses to Did Mike Schopp have an epiphany?

  1. dagve says:

    Hello Joe, I work for a very small newspaper in Buffalo, NY and I would like to post your blog once in a while on our site. We can't afford to pay you at this time but we are indexed in Google News and our site would give you a bigger platform for your blogs. I did a test run with your last Sabre blog and we had 350 views of your blog. I put a link back to your blog in it so you might have notcied a bump in your stats. Let me know if I can do this in the future. Thank you. You can reach me at freelinks12@gmail.com

  2. joe says:

    Whats the site btw?

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