Sabres vs Flames

-Even a goals grinch like myself, can appreciate a low scoring hockey game. That’s as entertaining a 2-1 Shootout victory for the Sabres that you’ll ever see. The game had everything; hard hitting, skating, scoring chances, great saves, fights, even Gumby. Now, to share a cliche that Sabres apologists have used so far this year, “this was a game last year’s team would have lost.” Why? Because Calgary played a great game and the Sabres were able to match it-

-Like Harry Neale said, “Ryan Miller was the first star of this game, this is a recording.” I can’t say enough about Miller. The guy knew he had to have his best game of the year going against elite goalie, Miikka Kipursoff. Both goalies played their asses off and I’m looking forward to them dueling it out in the Olympics-

-OK, I’ll say it, Miller is elite. To give you a good idea about how good Calgary’s offense is, they have scored 10 goals in 2 games against Roberto Luongo this season. To play against a team with that talent and to shut them out for over 60 minutes is an impressive feat. I’ll say it twice, ELITE-

-Look, I know I’ve bashed the crap out of Adam Mair. I’m not a big fan of his game, but after tonight, I’m a big fan of the person (As a tear comes down my cheek..haha). A lot of players may of pouted about being waived and sitting in the press box all season long. But when the opportunity came calling, Adam Delivered like a bat out hell. Sure, the stats sheet won’t show it, but Mair delivered a kick ass fight, a couple of hits, and a “you better think f$%ken twice about wanting to waive my ass” moment-

-Give it up to the Hecht-Kennedy-Kaleta line. That line was the most consistent tonight, slowing down the Flames top line and getting a ton of scoring chances-

-I won’t forget about you Derek Roy. That may of been Roy’s best all around game I’ve seen in the last couple of years-

-The one good thing I’ve noticed this season about the Sabres is how their forwards are playing great hockey in their own zone. Charles Barkley said it best, when you don’t have your shot on some nights, you have to do other things to help your team out. Even Roy is getting that-

-Games like tonight make me wish there was a way to see more Western Conference teams play against the Sabres. I’d like to start a petition to realign the NHL Conferences to North and South…and make it MLB rules-

-Can someone explain to me how a commercial about getting veins removed from your legs has anything to do with ropes with knots in them? How about using the ropes to hang Celino and Barnes..harsh, I know-

-Does Kevin Sylvester and Robie share the same tailor? Memo to Sabres wardrobe, your hosts shouldn’t wear the exact same pinstripe suits-

-Look, there some unwritten rules about what to do at a sporting event in my book. Unless it’s Halloween, You do NOT dress up in a costume, especially if it’s Gumby!

-I have to admit, as a fan, I dig these 3 games in 4 nights routine for my viewing pleasure-

-A game like tonight, nothing negative about the Sabres (even though I think Thomas Vanek’s play and the Sabres taking penalties like the Oakland Raiders is a concern).

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