Sabres thoughts

-I’m actually going to applaud WGR today for talking about how boring the Sabres have been this season. I’ll be honest, while watching the Oilers game, I made notes of little things I see on the ice that I want to blog about. By the end of the game, I had like 3 things to write home about. It was just a dull ass game, I can’t get into the beauty of the penalty kill (Sorry, Heather B) or the constant element of chance that hockey brings to the table. I want scoring or hitting dammit! Yes, winning is everything, but offense sells tickets. That’s the reason the Sabres 2005-07 team is way more popular than the late 90’s teams. Who the hell wants to watch 2-1 games when you have a team that scored the most goals in the NHL?-

-So should the Sabres play Adam Mair or bring up youth from Portland for the injured Mike Grier? I’d go with youth. The Sabres need to go with youth for three reasons. First, they have to find out what they have down in the minors. Second, they need offensive punch and Mair doesn’t bring that. Third, even without Grier, the Sabres have enough grit on the front line with Goose/Kaleta/Ellis-
Yeesh, enough with the Marty Biron back-up goaltending questions. I’m sick of going into Bucky Gleason’s chats and have 10 questions up about bringing back Marty. Fans have to realize, it’s an entirely different beast when comparing Biron starting for the Islanders to Biron sitting on the bench for 10 games at a time. Goaltending is about getting into a groove. Again, the Sabres lost the two games Miller didn’t start because they were severally out played-
-It’s redemption city for the Sabres this weekend, playing 2 teams who are perennial playoff teams year in and year out. The Flames play a very physical style of play and I’d like to see if the Sabres can match their intensity. We all know what we get with the Flyers with their mix of speed and grit. I think if the Sabres can split this weekend’s games, it will be a victory for them-
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