Bills vs Titans Preview

-I’ve been really outspoken towards the Bills running back situation. Since “Least Mode” has returned to the starting line-up, the running game looks completely out of sync. The duo of Lynch and Jackson have rushed for 46, 99, 113, 92 and 71 yards. If you can’t do the math, that’s 421 yards in 5 games. Chris Johnson of the Titans has 363 yards rushing…just in his last two games! The duo has to get back on track and take the pressure off Edwards and the offensive line-

-Do I even try and preview the Bills passing game? It sucks, so there-

-So Vince Young is back in the saddle again. I still don’t know what to make of Young. I think the guy can play but the media makes too much of a big deal about his running skills. Also, I’ve been hearing a lot of comparison that Young is like Doug Flutie with his win/loss record. I don’t buy that, Young is different because Flutie was at least able to get his wide receivers involved. Check out Eric Moulds numbers with Flutie as the Quarterback. Young hasn’t proven to me he can get the ball down the field. Lets not forget the biggest reason the Titans have won 2 straight is because Chris Johnson is playing like Barry Sanders-

-Good news for the Bills, The Titans defense is ranked 31st in the NFL. Bad news for the Bills, the last time they played the 32nd ranked defense, they scored only 3 points (Browns game).

-OK, so I know Bills fans are looking for any silver lining for the return of Trent Edwards. How about this, Edwards is 3-0 in games he started following an injury (Redskins 2007 and Chargers and Broncos 2008). Feel better? I didn’t think so-

-For all you uniform experts, The Bills and Titans will be wearing their throw back jerseys on Sunday. The Titans will be sporting their old school Oilers uniforms from the 60’s. It got me thinking, what if the Bills moved to LA and like 20 years from now, on throwback weekend they wore the old Bills uniforms from the 90’s. Ugh, that would not be cool-

-Prediction Time: Hate this match-up for the Bills. Besides wide receiver, can you tell me any player position the Bills have an advantage over the Titans? And what the hell is the point of mentioning wide outs when they don’t even use them anymore. Key to the game will be stopping Chris Johnson and since the Bills have made the Ryan Moats of the world look like all-pros, I doubt they can stop CJ.


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