Last thoughts on the Rosenhaus comments

Two things that really piss me off about the Rosenhaus comments that have absolutely nothing to do with T.O. or his agent.

I already mentioned that Drew Rosenhaus was right on with his criticism of the Bills and it wouldn’t shock me if T.O. was controlling the strings in order for GM’s to know it’s not his fault his stats have been awful this year.
To be honest, what has infuriated me the most is that no one in the Bills locker room seems to care. I mean here is an agent, who has absolutely no credibility when it comes to calling out a coaching staff or its players, and the players don’t even respond to it.
I swear, back in the day you always heard Bills players take everything critically said about them to heart. Can anyone recall over the Jauron years a player getting upset and saying, “enough of the criticism, we are better than you think.”
The other day, I heard an interview with Donte Whitner talking about his thoughts on Mike Vick and in the background it sounded as if the team was having a frat party. Typical Jauron locker room, everyone is a winner and should be happy with life even though our team is a disaster.
The second thing that ticks me off is that this may all be a moot point, because I don’t recall a reporter even asking a player about the Rosenhaus comments. I didn’t read anything from a player saying no comment to it’s a slap in the face. Nada!
That’s bad journalism. The only assumption I can make is the press core thought Owens was the only player to ask questions (T.O. didn’t have a weekly press conference because he was hurt). Forget what T.O. would say because he’ll just play the “it’s his opinion, not mine” card. How about asking a player if they consider it a slap in the face?
Again, that’s more of an interesting topic than asking about whether you think Mike Vick would be welcomed to the Bills. Hell, we lived through that crap in the summer. Please, if anyone saw an article about the players or coaches thoughts on Rosenhaus’ comments, let me know.
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