Adam Mair placed on waivers

Adam Mair, whose seven-season run in Buffalo is the second longest among Sabres forwards, may be in his final hours with the club.

General Manager Darcy Regier announced this afternoon that Mair has been placed on waivers. He will remain on the waiver wire until noon Tuesday, with the other 29 teams free to claim the forward.

“We’ve just got extra forwards, and he’s not playing,” Regier said in HSBC Arena. “He’s in a contract year, and it’s an opportunity for him to hopefully get a chance elsewhere.”

Regier said he tried trading the 30-year-old but could not find any takers. Because of the interest shown by teams during the talks, however, there’s a chance Mair could be claimed. (TBN)

Mind of Joe
I know some Sabres fans will pout about the loss of Mair, because of the undying love of blue collar players, but the move makes sense. The Sabres have way too many Adam Mair type players on their team. More importantly for the Sabres, they would be able to get rid of Mair’s $775,000 salary. Of course, he’d have to get picked up by another team, or face the option of playing in Portland or just staying in the Sabres press box.

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