Sabres vs Flyers Recap

-Of course! The day that I decide to get over my disdain towards the Sabres front office, they pull this crap. To be honest, I’m not that mad. The Flyers are just a better team, plain and simple. The Sabres don’t match up well against Philly because they are smaller and don’t have enough speed to offset the Flyers size. Besides a 10 minute point in the 2nd period, the Sabres were completely overmatch by the Flyers checking and speed-

-Look, did I think the Sabres were going to lose tonight? Yes. But If there is anything I’m disappointed in, it’s the way the team didn’t show up tonight. If everyone keeps spinning the rhetoric that this year is different and the team has grown, you have to give a solid effort every single night. If your a team that should be contending for the division, playoffs, and the Stanley Cup, how about beating or at least keep it competitive against one of the big boys?-

-Not exactly Ryan Miller’s best night as a goaltender this year. Miller let in his worst two goals of the season on the Flyers 3rd and 4th goals of the game. It seemed as if Miller and the team lost their composure after Keith Pronger’s goal 28 seconds into the 2nd. When Miller is off his game, the team has no chance to win-

-And Ryan, enough with the complaining that an illegal goal was scored on you. That’s two times in one week you thought a goal was scored on you with a high stick. Judging by replays, it wasn’t even close-

-BTW, doesn’t it look like Ray Emery’s shoulder pads are enormous?-

-I don’t know what gives about the 1st line. When you look at the stats, Stafford-Roy-Vanek are on top of the team in points. But the stats don’t tell the story. Too many times tonight and other games, the trio tends to disappear when the play gets physical. I’m sick of hearing people talk about how the Sabres have the ability to roll four lines. The problem is the 1st line (and sometimes the 2nd line) show up every other game. Being the top line shouldn’t be about how much money or points you score, it should be about when you show up.

-Memo to Pat Kaleta, if you are trying to spark the troops, lets not go after the opposition’s knees for god sake. Very bush league!-

-I can’t recall watching a Sabres game with so many 4 on 4’s. Admit it, you kind of wish the NHL would go 4 on 4 all the time-

-Arguably, puck possession has been the biggest reason the Sabres have been off to such a hot start. Unfortunately, when you turnover the puck like tonight, the stat kind of becomes obsolete. I don’t recall seeing a Sabres game where they gave up so many odd man rushes. As bad as Miller looked, the team didn’t do him any favors-

-The Sabres have lost their last five games to the Flyers, all have been by 2 goals or more. Hmm, I don’t know how to word this, but doesn’t that battle cry that this team would of lost games like this last year kind of ring a little hollow?-

-I don’t get you Thomas Vanek?! One game you look like your the best player on the ice. The next game, I have to look on the stats sheet to see if you even played-

-I would like a full investigation into whether the business for Celino & Barnes has gone up since doing their weird ass advertisements during Sabres games. I’m looking for the TV director to press the wrong button and have the 3D version of the duo pop up during a goal-

-Well Buffalo, you’re not doing too well since the schedule got tougher. You’ve lost 2 out of your last 3 games, being out scored 10-2 in those loses. Ouch. You have me at the bandwagon bus stop, wondering if I should get on board. After a night like tonight, I may have to pull a Forest Gump and wait for the next ride.

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