Drew Rosenhaus tells it how it is

We all know Terrell Owens has been pretty quite when it comes to discussing the issues of the Bills. Well, his agent isn’t exactly taking the high road when it comes to the Bills problems. Rosenhaus went off about why T.O. has been a no show this season. Of course, it had nothing to do with Owens drops or partying it up in Dallas and NYC.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and I think you can basically pin it to three things,” Rosenhaus told Joe Rose on WQAM this week. “Number one, coaching. Number two, quarterback play. Trent Edwards has been a disappointment this year, then he got injured and they brought in a backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Neither guy has played well.”

Rosenhaus was just warming up to what he sees as the biggest issue in Buffalo.

“The offensive line, I believe, is potentially the worst in the NFL. Especially at the tackle position, they got rid of almost every starter from last year, banked on revamping it . . . It’s absolutely shocking how that offensive line play has prohibited them from being an effective offense.” (Profootballtalk)

Drew, you forgot one person, Ralph Wilson. But all of your points are completely valid. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the Bills not using his other client, Roscoe Parrish as the main reason the Bills offense hasn’t done anything. I would doubt he’d mention the Bills inability to stop the run as a big issue with the team. Considering Marcus Stroud is one of his clients.

I think the biggest question you have to ask is how much is this really Rosenahaus opinion? It wouldn’t shock me if this is Owens speaking through his agent. Everyone knows if Owens talks about the offense sucking, people will use it against him. Everyone knows Owens hasn’t changed and he blames everyone else for his problems. In this case, he’s using his agent as his puppet.

Rosenahaus is trying to tell fellow teams that the reason why his client is struggling is because of outside distractions. Everyone knows T.O. is gone after this season and his agent is trying to mastermind GM’s to think it’s all on the Bills for Owens play.

Meanwhile, Owens is in LA and is on the Sunset Strip looking for a place to eat.

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