Recap: Sabres beat Islanders 3-0

-Nice all around game for the Sabres tonight. The Sabres peppered Marty Biron with 39 shots on goal and would of won by at least 5 goals if it wasn’t for the play of Biron-

-On the other side of the pipes, Ryan Miller got his 2nd shutout of the season, but really didn’t have to work very hard for it. The biggest difference between Saturday’s and tonight’s game against the Islanders was the play of the defense. Thought the Rivet and Butler pair rebounded nicely after a couple of crappy games, and Andrej Sekera played one of his best games as a Sabre. The defense were the 1st Stars of tonight’s game-

– See what happens when Derek Roy throws the puck to the net? Roy finally scored his first goal of the year and had a number of scoring chances throughout the game. There’s no argument that Roy has ability, but he just needs to be more aggressive and stop trying his dipsy do passing-

-Thought Thomas Vanek had his best game of the year. Vanek is deadly because his passing is just as good as his scoring ability. His pass to Drew Stafford in front of the net was as pretty as they come, too bad Stafford was robbed by Biron. I thought Vanek’s best play came when he split two defenders and was in all alone, but was unable to get enough lumber for a strong shot. Did I mention Vanek had a goal too?

-Look, I like Pat Kaleta. He plays with an edge and he draws a ton of penalties. But sometimes I have to question his manhood. So someone gave you a great hip check, instead of going after him and getting a stupid penalty, why don’t you just get the guy on the next shift. You know, what goes around comes around. Pat should be thankful he plays in a city that loves players that are tough guys (see 96′ Sabres)-

-Now look, I don’t want to hate. I’m happy the Sabres are off to a fast start, really I am. But if I have to hear another fan or radio host claim that this team is different from last year’s team, I’m going to roll my eyes to the back of my brain. I don’t want to hear that last year’s team would of lost games like tonight or against the Leafs. I’m sure people were saying the same thing last year when the team started off hot the first month of the season-

-Now have the Sabres played well? Yes. I just don’t think that’s a way to judge the team going forth. You’re suppose to beat those crappy teams. Now, the schedule is going to get tougher this month. Prove me now that this year is different from last. I assure you, if the Sabres beat the Flyers and Bruins, then I will share the joy-

-Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that Jeremy White is doing advertisements for Sabres tickets on the radio?-

WTF is with the NHL scheduling all of these Sabres vs Islanders games? It’s as if the team is only playing teams within the state of New York and Florida.

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