Tuesday Happenings

-The injuries keep on mounting for the Bills. Terrence McGee went under the knife today on his right knee and will be out 2 weeks, which translates to just missing the Titans game because this week’s bye. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, all these injuries could result in an excuse for the Bills to justify keeping Dick Jauron at the end of the year-

-Can someone explain to me why the Bills get all these injuries? I know some fans have brought up the firing of strength and conditioning coach Rusty Jones from 2005. But I personally think the fact that the Bills have such weak ass training camps have a lot to do with it. When your not physically prepared to play, your going to get injuries.

– TBN picked up my notion on how badly the Sabres are when it comes to 2 on 1 breaks. Especially, when it comes to Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek leading the charge. For the most part, Roy never tries to take the shot himself and always trys to feed Vanek the pass on the breakaway. The problem is the puck never makes it to Vanek’s stick. Roy gave an excuse for the reasons he tends to try to feed Vanek on the break, instead of shooting it himself.

“Thomas is a 40-goal scorer,” Roy said. “It’s hard not to pass because he’s always in position. He’s all ready to one-time it or get in position to score a goal, and that’s why he’s so good at what he does.”

That’s the thing about Roy, the guy isn’t selfish enough. We all know Roy has talent. But in order to be a legit goal scorer you have to want to be selfisious or greedy enough to make a play. That’s the problem I find with this team. Guys like Roy, Connolly, and Vanek are always looking for someone else to be the man on the team. You should want to be able to carry the team, you should want to be the guy that the opposition has to stop. Maybe someday the trio will learn that-

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