Schopp hates the NFL

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Saints and Falcons was pretty entertaining. Well, If someone is going to say I’m wrong, it’s going to be Mike Schopp. Schopp was all over last night’s game, singling out a couple of questionable officiating calls. I really couldn’t follow what Schopp was talking about, but pretty much it gave him another excuse to call out the NFL as being a sport he completely hates. This wasn’t just a throw away 2 minutes, this topic was brought up for over an hour on today’s show.

This was probably the stupidest thing he could go after the NFL about. Last night’s game had everything. High scoring, to go along with good defensive plays. For Schopp to sit there and try to call out the league because of some questionable officiating proves he’ll call them out for anything. What is next? He hates the fact that the football is made of pigskin?

You want to talk about questionable officiating? How about the NHL? Here’s a league that doesn’t suspend superstar players for taking cheap shots. How many times have we seen NHL games where diving is called on every play, yet the next game hooking seems to be the sheik call. The NHL has the most judgmental penalty calling in sports. Hell, what about the NHL playoffs where the referees decide to swallow their whistles in order to let the players play, yet during the regular season they call it completely different.

Does Schopp go after the NHL for that? Sometimes, but it’s more of a critisim for the officials, not towards the product of the league. God forbid Schopp calls out the NHL product that gets less ratings than poker on ESPN.

The NHL officiating has a bigger effect on their sport than the NFL does. If your going to go after the NFL because of parity or the bottom half of the league is so bad, fine. But to call out the officiating after an entertaining Monday night game just seems a little petty.

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