Bills vs Texans Recap

– Well, the game started off nice for the Bills. The team picked up right where they left off by forcing three first quarter turnovers. Unfortunately, the way the Bills offense was playing, they needed the Texans to cough up the ball another six times to even have a chance in this game. But the biggest difference was the Bills weren’t facing Mark Sanchez or Jake Delhomme. They were facing the best passing offense in the NFL. After the Texans sluggish first half start, they were able to take it to the Bills in the 2nd half and dominated in a 31-10 win-

-Didn’t this game kind of feel like the Saints game from week three? The Bills hung around until the start of the 4th quarter, but then the defense was running on fumes and the rest was history. The Bills gave up 22 4th quarter points and three rushing touchdowns to Ryan Moats (Who?). But don’t blame this loss on the Bills defense. When your offense gets out gained by 234 yards and gets its 1st first down of the second half with 3 minutes left in the game, there’s not much more you can do to lose the game-

-So that old Frank Reigh jersey that you have with the name Fitzpatrick duck taped on the back of it, I think it’s safe to say you can throw it away. The hope that some fans had with Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback has gone up in flames. A Bills QB hasn’t passed for more than 200 yards since week two. Like I’ve been saying, It doesn’t matter if Edwards or Fitzpatrick are starting, because both guys equally suck. The future Bills QB is either playing college football or is a soon to be FA. Actually, the way the Bills have been scouting quarterbacks over the last decade, their future franchise quarterback may not even be born yet-

-I don’t have a problem with the Bills going for a fake punt in the 4th quarter. Their defense wasn’t stopping anyone. What I do have a problem with were the three offensive plays prior to the fake punt. Your down by seven points with ten minutes left and you decide to run three straight running plays!? What fricken NFL teams does that? That’s not just being ultra-conservative, that’s playing scared-

-I just want to make one thing clear on Terrell Owens. I still think the guy has a lot of football still left in him. You saw him completely out run the entire Texans team on his 29-yard touchdown run. My only issue has been that I feel like he’s going through the motions when it comes to being motivated. He doesn’t want to be here. He’s not making the commitment in trying to make the Bills offense better. Hell, that’s why he’s in Dallas on his off days and is twittering while watching practices on Friday. God, I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do for his bye week-

-It’s not just the media and his teammates Terrell Owens has to worry about, it’s the statistician who works NFL games. How the hell was that fade pass to Owens in the back of the endzone a drop? The DB made a great play and had his hands all over Owens. You see, I’m not all anti-Owens-

-Want some great home statistics for the Bills? The Bills have 1 offensive touchdown in their last five home loses. You have to wonder if the dude who plays the Shout Song knows where the CD is even located, considering he never has to play it. The Bills have lost more home games over the last season and a half than they did from 1990-1994. Oh, how that guy who dresses as Elvis must be rolling over in his grave-

-So Bills fans, are you still happy the Bills told Jason Peters to take a hike when he was the 3rd least paid offensive lineman on the team? The Bills line has given up 23 sacks on the year and are already on pace to eclipse their sack total of last year by 10. Don’t even ask about the running game. Fred Jackson is the only running back to go over the century mark on the year-

-God, how I miss the days of a Turk Schonert or Mike Sheppard runned offense. Interesting note after the game, Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans told TBN how easy it was to defend against the Bills offense because they had the same kind of formations and never ran motion. Hmm, didn’t Schonert say he was fired because Jauron wanted an offense that was simple. Way to go Dick!-

-Sorry Sabres fans, but the best rookie in Buffalo isn’t named Tyler Myers or Tim Kennedy. It’s Jarius Byrd. Byrd had two interceptions, to give him a league leading seven on the year. The first one stopped the Texans’ first drive at the Buffalo 13. The second set up Owens’ TD run. He may have to still work on his tackling ability, but at least he gives Bills fans something to hang their hat on (Which is like a tack)-

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