WGR’s bias strikes again

OK, so maybe I’m beating a dead horse and I’m being too picky. But I love when Mike Schopp craps all over the Bills game against the Panthers because it wasn’t entertaining to him at all. I actually agree with him on that point. But shouldn’t he have the same feeling about some of the Sabres games? Two games come to mind. The Predators and the Lightning game were some of the dullest hockey I’ve seen in a while. 

To be honest, what put me over the top to write something about Schopp was when a caller called into his afternoon show and asked why should we get excited about the Sabres since they started out well last year? It’s a very fair question. Schopp pretty much crapped on the guy and said he refuses to answer that question. God forbid Mike would mention something that could be considered controversial for the Sabres. No worries, I’m sure if the Sabres were to tank this season, WGR would run the old reliable topics of your favorite “Aud moment” or your favorite team to see at the HSBC arena. 
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2 Responses to WGR’s bias strikes again

  1. Dale says:

    when were you listening dude? i turned them on around 5:30. some caller wanted to compare the bills and sabres management. Schopp quickly said about the sabres something along the lines of not wanting to get excited less than 10 games in the season because they were in this position last year. maybe i missed what you were talking about, but rarely schopp will contradict himself like that.

  2. joe says:

    I could of sworn he said something along the lines of he didn't want to talk about that…

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