Jauron says Fitzpatrick is the starter against Houston

Coach Dick Jauron didn’t wait till Wednesday to announce his Quarterback plans for this week, ruling Trent Edwards out for Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.

“Trent will not play this week. That’s the, as far as I understand it from [head trainer] Bud [Carpenter] and our doctors, that’s the proper protocol. That’s the conservative approach and the approach we’ll take,” Jauron said.
Jauron would not commit to Edwards as the starter when he’s healthy. The Bills have their bye week after the Texans game.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Jauron said.
Mind of Joe
Hey Dick, about that bridge you’re talking about. I think it’s safe to say if the Bills go 3-0 with Fitz as your QB, Edwards will have a cement block attached to his feet and will be thrown off the Peace Bridge. I’m sure they are being extra precautionary because the Bills coaching staff wants to see what they really have with Fitzpatrick. 
The game against the Texans will be a big test for the Bills. This isn’t the Panthers or Jets offense we are talking about. The Texans have been scoring a ton of points this year and the Bills offense is going to have to do his best to match score for score. No more game managing, Fitz. 
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