Bills vs Panthers Preview

-Put the children to bed when it comes to watching these QB’s duel. I don’t want to hate too much on Jake Delhomme. He’s done quite a bit in his career giving his lack of talents, but he’s really hit rock bottom over the last year. Delhomme has only 4 touchdowns and an eye-popping 10 interceptions on the year. The Panthers are obviously concerned, considering Delhomme only threw the ball 17 times last week. If you think Delhomme is bad, wait till we get a lode of Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you want to know why the Bengals season went in the toilet last year, it’s because Fitzpatrick was leading the flush. Fitzpatrick averaged less than 160 yards over 13 games last year. That performance came with Chad Ocho cinco and TJ whose your mamma as his skill guys. Like I said, hide your kids-

-We all know what the Panthers are going to try and do in this game. It’s going to be Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams show. Both backs were off to slow starts this season, but look to be back on the prowl with a 262 yard rushing performance against the Bucs.  I’m sure the duo is licking their chops at the thought of going against the Bills rush defense that has given up over 180 yards a game. This is NOT a good match-up for the Bills (Yes, captain obvious over here). 
-We all know the Bills  passing game has been dismal for most of the year (besides the Bucs game), but the one part of the Bills offense that has dropped off the most has been the running game. Remember when Fred Jackson was leading the league in rushing? The Bills rushing attack still has a respectable rank of 12th in the NFL, but the last 3 games have little to be desired. 46, 99, and 113 yards are the combined yards of the Bills duo since Lynch’s return. This week is the Bills best chance to rebound. The Panther are ranked 2nd against the pass but 29th against the run. The key to the game is going to be which team has the best dynamic duo. 
-I know the Bills offensive line are coming off their best performance of the year, only giving up one sack against the Jets. But the Jets may blitz a lot, but they don’t exactly get to the QB (Last in sacks in the NFL with 5). The Panthers are ranked 14th in sacks and the thought of Julius Peppers against Demetrius Bell isn’t exactly Munoz vs Smith-
-How about a what might have been moment for Sunday’s game? In 2001 Panthers coach, John Fox was actually a finalist for the Bills coaching job, but Tom Donahoe decided to go in the direction of Greg Williams. I’m sure Greg Williams dumb ass charts about run blitzing had something to do with it. Nice move, Tommy Boy- 
-Prediction Time: Don’t like this match-up for the Bills. I think the Panthers running game is much better than the Bills and the threat of Delhomme and Steve Smith will keep the Bills run defense honest. Can’t say the same of the threat of Fitzpatrick and Owens. Panthers have a better defense and better coaching staff. 
Bills: 10
Panthers: 23

-BTW, doesn’t Fitzpatrick look like Jim Breuer?-

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