Are the Bills becoming the Oakland of the East?

On a footnote from the Owens article on Yahoo Sports. If there was one quote I took from the article, it’s this gem from an unknown Jets player describing covering T.O. and the Bills franchise: 

“I don’t think we doubled him once,” the Jets player said. “Buffalo will make you hit a wall [in your career]. People thought Randy Moss(notes) hit a wall, too, didn’t they? How motivated is [Owens] to play in Buffalo? How excited is he about the offense? They just canned the no-huddle [stuff] because it wasn’t working. They’re not finding creative ways to get him the football, either.”

Asked if he thought Owens could still be a great player in the league, the Jets player replied, “I don’t know. But definitely not on that offense.”

Ouch! 2 things from that statement. 
1) Who the f$%k are the Jets players to say anything about how bad Buffalo is? The New York Jets are the epitome of mediocre football. If it wasn’t for the Jets first name and some drunk QB who wore panties and had one good game 40 years ago. The Jets would be as big of jokes as the Bills. All you have to do is see how many divisions, Hall of Famers, and AFC championships each team has. The Jets are NYC hype at it’s finest. 
2) As much as the kettle calling someone black applies to the Jets calling out the Bills, it’s not a good thing when an NFL player thinks Buffalo represents a wall. The NFL is like high school went it comes to their players. Once a player says one thing negative about a coach and a team, the next second you’ll have 20 players thinking the same thing. 
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