Random thoughts

-Didn’t get home last night for the Sabres game till the 3rd period, and by that point the game was over. From reading articles and watching the highlights, the Sabres played a great first period and pretty much sleep walked the rest of the way. But I’m not complaining. I think the biggest question about the team is going to be when they incur their first losing streak of the year. They’ve gone through the first test of playing against weak teams (Panthers and Islanders), but their biggest test will be when facing adversity-

-Just read a quote that Lee Evans didn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement for Trent Edwards as the starting QB. And whose to blame him. It took Evans 16 games to catch a pass of 35-yards or more. This is the same guy who was on pace to have the most 75 yard TD bombs in NFL history. Edwards isn’t known for his deep passing ability and has regressed over the last year as the Bills QB. If Fitzpatrick, who threw the ball 18 times in the direction of T.O. and Evans last week, can find a way to get the duo involved, you can bet it will be a full blown QB controversy at One Bills Drive-
-Will the Bills be the first franchise to give 3,000 yards twice in their history? If you look at the Bills schedule, they have some pretty fierce running back competition they have to go against. The Bills play Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones, Ronnie Brown, Steve Slaton, Michael Turner, and Maurice Jones-Drew. Ouch! Only the Patriots, Colts, and Chiefs are on their schedule who don’t exactly entail a high powered running game. This week the Bills go against the two headed monster of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The duo is coming off a hundred yards each performance against the hapless Bucs. The Panthers eat, sleep, and drink their running game. Look for Delhome to pass the ball about 10 times in this game-
-Well even though Roscoe Parrish wasn’t traded, it looks like he’s been traded in the eyes of Dick Jauron. Jauron is keeping the status quo of not putting Roscoe on punt returns. Still don’t get why you couldn’t just deal him if you weren’t planning on using him. At least you would of been able to dump his high price salary- 
-Julius Peppers vs Demetrius Bell…I got Peppers on that one-
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