The Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch Combo isn’t working

I had written during my Bills running back preview over the summer that I wasn’t a big fan of the Bills using a running back by committee with Lynch and Jackson. My reasoning was that the best teams who have a 1-2 punch at running back all have a change of pace style. 
For example, the Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs who offer very distinct running styles of quickness and power. You don’t get that variety with Lynch and Jackson because they run the exact same way. Their also the types of backs that you need to feed them the rock at least 20-25 times a game.
Since Lynch’s return, the Bills backfield duo has rushed for 46 and and 99 yards in back-to-back games.  Hell, it has gotten so bad that Trent Edwards had more rushing yards against the Browns than Jackson did. You can tell by the way Jackson is running he’s not comfortable in the change of pace set. Not to mention the offensive scheme the Bills run is dreadful.  I’m sure if they had the creativity that the Dolphins show with the wildcat offense maybe I would think differently. 
If I’m the Bills I really consider trading one of the two and seeing if you can get a 3rd rounder for one of them. There’s no need to have the exact same 2 running backs on the roster. Especially when both backs appear to have a lot of miles left on the tires. 
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