Wilson HOF ceremony never happened

Going into Sunday’s game, the big debate was whether the fans would boo or cheer Ralph Wilson upon getting his HOF ring at halftime. There were boos alright, lots of them. But none of them were for Wilson getting his ring. Why? Because the ceremony never happened.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson decided late last week that he didn’t want to take part in a planned halftime ceremony to present him with his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring. Joe Horrigan, the vice president of communications for the Hall of Fame, confirmed that in a phone call with the Buffalo News after the game.

“Friday morning, we got a call from Marc Honan (the Bills’ VP of marketing and broadcasting), saying Ralph was not feeling up to doing it and that we would reschedule,” Horrigan said.

Yeah sure..I’m sure you could flip flop Friday morning with Sunday afternoon around 2:15 PM when the Bills were getting their asses handed to them. What a joke! If this really did go down like the Bills PR said it did, wouldn’t they have told the general public about it?

Sitting on the HOF website is Wilson’s wrinkled up kisser with a HOF ring. It was up allllllll weekend long people. Don’t you think the website would of took it down? This is an NFL site, not a crappy blog.

Now for exhibit C, The Bills didn’t even have any sort of halftime entertainment, not even the busted Jills or the crappy band from Little Valley High School came out.

Lets just call a spade a spade, Wilson didn’t want to hear the music. He knew if he went down to stadium level he would of been unmercifully booed. I wrote earlier that it was interesting that Bills.com decided not to post the announcement. My reasoning was because they didn’t want fans to think about whether they should boo Wilson or not on the way to the game. Lets rephrase it, they didn’t announce it because if the Bills were playing like crap they could just use the we were too dumb to announce that Wilson changed his mind.

Wilson made the following statement hours after the Bills lost:

“The focus of today’s game should be about the team and the fans,” Wilson said. “I think most of our fans know that I’ve been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

How humble of Mr. Wilson. This is the same guy who refuses to get extra revenue by renaming his stadium because he loves the sight of his name on it. Well, the sight of the Bills and their cheap owner is making me sick.

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