Bills lose to Browns 6-3…zzzzzzzz…

Man, you want to know what torture is? Try going to a NYC sports bar and it’s covered with NFL fans from all 32 NFL teams. You hear the cheers in one corner and it’s Giants fans yelling for Ahmad Bradshaw scoring 2 touchdowns. In another corner, you have Steelers fans cheering for Heath Miller scoring a touchdown. Then at the bar you have steak heads cheering because Donavan McNabb scored 3 first half touchdowns. Hell even Bengals fans..BENGALS FANS! Were cheering for their team.

Then you come to my table, zzzzzzzzzz……zzzzzzzzzz.. fans walking over laughing when they look up to the TV and see False start after false start, Trent Edwards running for his life, Derek Anderson completing just 2 passes (and winning!!). Then the cudagra, Roscoe Parish muffs a punt, game over. Bills lose in an epic battle by the score of 6-3.

It was a comedy of errors by both teams. I wrote earlier this week that the worse team would lose this game. However, I failed to consider the other equation, intelligence. The dumbest team lost today. Smart teams don’t get 13 penalties, smart teams don’t fumble the football with 3 minutes left in the game, Smart teams don’t keep Dick Jauron on as head coach.

I know that firing Dick Jauron won’t do anything as far as the future of the team goes. Like I said, firing Jauron is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. But at least for one day I’ll be happy they did something. Jauron must go. And he must go now!

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