Buffalo Sports Media Blitz

Rochester has it going on
I had wrote in an earlier blog that WGRZ.com were partnering up with Leo Roth and Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democratic and Chronicle to tape roundtable segments. I’ve all of a sudden been hooked on the duo. Not just the roundtable, but their writing. Both guys are extremely opinionated, and have really brought the roundtable segment on WGRZ to a new high.

If anything, I wish they would tape 2 segments previewing and reviewing the games. Also, WGRZ needs to fix some of their technical issues. Last week for instance, Sal’s microphone wasn’t working throughout and only picked up some audio from the other microphone.

If you want to get interactive with the duo, you can catch up with them during their weekly on-line chat, which both of them are apart of. TBN should try and do duo chats, I think having Mike Harrington and Bucky Gleason in one chat would be a great read.

WGRZ is finally waking up
I’m still disappointed that WGRZ.com decided to cancel their live video blog after Bills game. But WGRZ.com finally is waking up with writing their blogs. Stu Boyar, who must of been on hiatus, is finally updating his blog. Boyar gave us a whopping 2 blogs this week, zero the previous 2 months. If you do like strong opinions on the Bills or Sabres, Boyar’s blog is a must read.

Jim Kelly sounds off
Well, the grand pooba of Buffalo sports decided to chime in on the Bills failures for this season. Jim Kelly wrote a column on Bills.com, calling out the leadership of the Bills.

That’s when Dick Jauron has to lay down the law. He has to tell it like it is because as everybody knows if it doesn’t happen this year they might not be here next year.The team needs leadership at times like this, and I’m not saying that leadership doesn’t exist in that locker room, but somebody has to step forward and get this team to pull together. This team has to recapture that winning attitude.

I wouldn’t say it was a hard hitting piece by any stretch, but for Bills.com? It’s a pretty telling piece, considering the web site writes stories about players having Jauron’s back. Maybe the PR team took the day off when Kelly posted his column, or maybe who the was author had something to do with it. I’d go with the latter.
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