Sully thinks the Bills should trade Lynch and Edwards

Jerry Sullivan has always be a sh#$ stirrer. Even during the Bills 90’s run, Sully would always write about how he felt Frank Reigh should of been the QB during the 1992 Playoffs. He’s also written that Marv Levy was an overrated coach who should of never been inducted into the HOF (Kind of agree with that).

Today, Sully wrote that the Braylon Edwards trade should be an inspiration for the Bills to start making moves.

The Bills should pay attention. They’ll probably beat the Browns, but they’re not going anywhere. The trade deadline is Oct. 20. If they’re 2-4 or worse, they should trade Owens or Marshawn Lynch and begin to remake the roster.

Lynch, like Edwards, has a history of dubious off-field behavior. Fred Jackson is capable of being the featured back. Why not trade Lynch before he does something truly regrettable?

Owens is going through the motions. After a pass intended for him was picked off in Miami, Owens simply walked off the field, rather than chase down the play. James Hardy is healthy and will be eligible the week after the trade deadline.

Mind of Joe
I just thought everyone should know that I asked Sully about the same scenario 2 weeks ago, and he said it was a good point. I wonder if he got the idea from me to write the column? I gotta ask him on Friday.
As far as his column goes, I think it’s a interesting idea, but at the end of the day what does this deal do for the Bills? You’ll get what? a 3rd rounder for each? Not exactly earth shattering moves for the team. If the Bills were able to get 2nd rounders for each, I would consider it. The ironic part is that all the love Owens got from the fans during the offseason, I don’t think they would cry to see him go, because things have gotten so bad here.
I do agree with Sully that the team needs to start all over again from rock bottom. As in a youth movement, firing everyone associated with the Marv Levy and Tom Donahoe era.
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