Where in the world is T.O.?

So remember hearing how Owens takes his preparation and practice habits very serious when it comes to game day? Well that was then, this is now. You see Owens tweeted that he was still in South Florida after the Bills lost, and is currently (as of Tuesday, 2:05pm) boarding a flight back to Buffalo. Judging from his tweets, he was parting it up at a couple of the South Beach local spots over the last two days. 

Shouldn’t T.O. be in Buffalo working on extra preparation to get his game in order? Look, if the dude was on a roll and was leading the league in TD’s, I wouldn’t care if he was partying with Kanye West or auditioning for movie roles. But he’s not. He’s been a complete waste since the regular season started. 
And I don’t blame all of it on T.O. for deciding not to join the team on the flight back to Buffalo. I blame Jauron and Edwards. If they really cared about winning, they would of told him to get his ass on the plane and look at the film the next day. 
Can you picture, Jim Kelly after a 38-10 loss to f#$ken Miami of all teams, saying it’s OK for Andre Reed to stay in Miami for 2 days? Hell no, he’d make him get wasted at the Hyatt in Buffalo and look at film the next day hung over (That’s no joke). 
That is microcosm of the Buffalo Bills franchise, they are extremely passive and don’t want to rattle any chains. God forbid you say no to Owens. God forbid you make the players pay and have an intense practice. God forbid you defer on the kickoff. God forbid the Bills go 2-14. God looks as if he’s not forbidding the latter. 
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3 Responses to Where in the world is T.O.?

  1. Dale says:

    makes ya really respect the organization.

  2. joe says:

    It's a joke, I think the fire within Owens is gone…he just wants to be a media whore

  3. Dale says:

    owens a media whore? nah

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