WGR getting down to business

Well mark your calenders on Wednesday, October 27th for the epic event WGR will be running. Will they be interviewing Dick Jauron on the reasons the Bills are terrible? Of course not. Will they talk about what the Sabres have to do to get back to glory? Why would you want to hear that?

Oh, none of that matters I guess. WGR will be having an Actor’s Draft. As in Schopp and The Bulldog will be picking their favorite actors for their own movie. I guess they are trying to outdo themselves from kicking everyone out of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. You can’t be serious?
What fricken listener would want to hear this sort of radio programming on an all sports station? If it’s June, fine. But the Bills are in turmoil and the Sabres are just starting their season. I think you have enough material to strung up a decent sports topic.
But again they won a Marconi Award, so what the hell do I know.
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