The evolution of Dick Jauron

Whether Dick Jauron is sporting his Clint Eastwood glasses or his Indiana Jones training camp hat, he’s the worse coach I’ve seen in the 20 years of watching Bills football. He’s so bad there’s a fire Jauron website. Well it doesn’t take the Internet to figure out that Bills fans want him gone.

Yesterday marked one of the worse losses under the Jauron Era. And that’s saying a lot. From Dallas to New England, at least those teams were good. This was a fricken 0-3 team, missing Joey Porter and a QB making his first NFL start. Jauron shouldn’t be a NFL coach at any level. Jauron is 3-11 in his last 14 games for the Bills, which should merit a termination of his services.
But we all know what this is about. Ralph Wilson made the worse contract offer of his 50 years as a owner (OK, maybe Rob Johnson getting 5-years 25 million was worse). But the contract has handcuffed Wilson from firing Jauron because he would owe him 6 million dollars in money. And we all know Ralph saves pennies like he’s a wishing well. And Jauron must of wished on a falling star, because he should be unemployed a long time ago.
But back to how bad Jauron is. If you look at the 3 coaches prior to Jauron, you could say that they at least brought something to the table. Wade Phillips went to the playoffs (remember those?) 2 out of the 3 years he was here. Greg Williams (Man Boobs) did sport a top 5 defense in 2003 and Drew Bledsoe’s first 8 games as a Bill was the most exciting time this decade. Mike Mullarkey was one win away from guiding the Bills to the playoffs.
What the hell has Jauron brought us? He’s brought us a cover 2 defense that gives up 200 yards rushing in back-to-back games. Oh I forgot, his players love him. Hooray! It’s like the little league baseball coach who takes his kids for ice cream even if they lose 13-1.
Oh, and the other compliment we always hear about Jauron is how great of a teacher he is. Please! Every draft pick under his watch has either regressed since their rookie years or plays the exact same way.
I never thought I would say this, but I want the Bills to lose to the Browns. I want it to be a blood bathe with Derek Anderson shredding the Bills defense. I want Wilson to be embarrassed. I want Jauron’s head on a platter and to get the hell out of town. I wrote in an earlier blog that firing Jauron wouldn’t save the season, but it sure as hell would make me feel better at this point.
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2 Responses to The evolution of Dick Jauron

  1. Dale says:

    i mean…this is a joke at this point. im no john madden, but the guy sucks. i think i actually called the play before it was actually called more than 10 times against miami. id guess run up the middle, and there it was. i guess screen pass, and there it was, etc etc. if im guessing this guys plays before the play even happens, then this guy needs (needed) to go. its almost to the point of saying..ok ralph, this isnt funny anymore, i know you're just toying with us, but seriously the joke is old.

  2. joe says:

    Yeah man it's a sad state

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