Spare me with the Sabres are our only hope

If I have to hear one more WGR staffer say, “at least we have the Sabres,” I’m going to vomit. Look, I know the Bills suck and the Sabres at the end of the day are in a better place. But spare me with the Sabres are going to take away all of the fan’s depression over the Bills debacle.

That’s like saying the Bills represent the ocean and fans are drowning in it, and the Sabres represent the door Leonardo DiCaprio died on in the movie “Titanic.” The Sabres in my opinion use the Bills lack of success to promote themselves as being a team on the rise.
I’ve said this before, the Sabres rise to prominence in the community during their 2005-2007 run had a lot to do with the fact the Bills were god awful for a long time. Don’t deny it, because when the Bills and Sabres were making the playoffs during the late 90’s, no one gave a crap about the Sabres. It was still a football town. Have times changed? Yes. It’s more of an even playing field as far as whose more popular. But don’t tell me the Sabres are the Yankees and the Bills are the Knicks
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