Same story with the Sabs

Sorry for the lateness, my computer is busted at my crib.

I was listening to Larry Quinn on WGR on Friday when Mike Schopp had asked him about the Sabres inability to go out and sign free agents. Quinn gave a bold replay asking rhetorically, can you name the last FA to make a impact on a hockey team over the last 5 years? He then went onto single out Montreal as a team he wasn’t impressed with what they did FA wise.

Kind of ironic that the game winning goal by the Canadians in a 2-1, O.T. win against the Sabres involved Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta. Two guys that in Quinn’s eyes, the Canadians paid way too much for. But that’s what teams do when they struggle for the last two years like the Canadians have. They change the roster. No accountability needed, just get rid of the players

In front of 18,300 fans at the HSBC Arena, The Sabres played hard and were all over the Canadians for most of the game. Tyler Myers looked like a season veteran and was by far the best player on the blue line last night. Miller played a good game, even though he wasn’t tested that much gave his team the best chance to win.

But the big 800lb Gorilla in the room is that even with all cliches of looking from within, the Sabres just don’t have enough talent. And talent wins in any professional sport. The Sabers out shot the Habs by a 2-1 count, but just like last year they couldn’t finish.

Sabres Player of the game
Tyler Myers- This was the first time I saw the dude on TV and he was just HUGE. I wasn’t expecting much from him. I just didn’t want him to mess up. And what did he do? He was calm and cool under pressure. He also led the back liners with 3 hits and played only a shad over 16 minutes. Great debut for the kid.

Sabres goat of the game
Thomas Vanek-I didn’t really spend much time on Vanek previewing the team. Mainly because I think the guy has “it” when it comes to scoring and playing. But just one shot on goal last night? unacceptable. Vanek needs to learn how to become more of a clutch player. I can’t remember the last time he scored a game-winning goal. If Vanek is going to be the leading scorer for his team he has to be a lot more consistent. And for god sakes go to the net please!

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