Will this be the week Mount T.O. erupts?

Call it a gut feeling, but I think Owens is going to have his first eruption on the sideline or after the game this weekend. The reason being is Owens is playing in Miami. Miami to NFL players is like Vegas to Gamblers. Everyone goes there and everyone knows everyone. Owens would love to make an impression in front of the 1000’s of Miami-ites. 

And lets not forget Owens wants to be an actor and is going to have J.Lo and Mark Anthony (own a share of the team) watching the game. You know he wants to show off to J.Butt, so he can maybe get a cameo in the The Wedding Planner 2 or one of her other corny ass chick movies. If he blows a gasket it’s just going to be a question against who. 
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