Look for Bills to breakout Wild Cat

From the T.O. gate coverage to whose fault is it that the Bills offense stinks, kind of lost in the shuffle this week was the return of Marshawn Lynch to the line-up. Jauron told reporters this week that Lynch will be eased into the running back equation and Lynch says he doesn’t mind to split carries with Jackson. 

It’s a big boost for the offense which needs any sort of spark. I know I’ve been saying that Jackson should be the starter, but Lynch will be a decent change of pace back. Also don’t be surprised if the Bills breakout the Wild Cat offense. They have the personnel to do it with both Lynch and Jackson there. The Bills did run the wild cat a handful of times last year, but with the offense being inept they need to do something to wake the team up. 
Look for the Bills to run the football a ton on Sunday considering their offensive line is in shambles.  I couldn’t tell you who the hell is starting anymore. With 2 new left tackles in, look for the offense to not go into too many empty backfield plays. 
Sunday will also mark 2 ways the Bills can get a monkey off their back. The team hasn’t won a division game since 2007 and went 1-8 versus the 3-4 defense last year. The Dolphins are probably the best way for the Bills to get over those two humps. 
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