Most to prove: Tim Connolly

T.C. is the T.O. of the Sabres. You either love the guy or you hate him. I’d go with the latter. Connolly is the 4.5 million dollar man who played 33% of his games over the last 3 years. He’s also the guy Darcy Reiger claimed to be last season’s big trade equsition. Um, Darcy? He was already on the team!! 

Anyways, Connolly is now suppose to be the Sabres version of the playmaking center everyone has been clamoring for. It’s plain and simple for Timmy, If he can play more than 65 games this year and aveage his point a game like he did last year, then he’ll got an appology from me. If not, He’s just going to be another overpaid Sabres player who happens to have a injury problem.  
I’d also like to see Timmy take more of a leadership role in the team. The dude has been here since 2001. It’s time to be a man. 
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