Tyler Myers situation

So Wednesday is suppose to be the big deadline for the Sabres to have their final rosters. Of course we know the Tyler Myers situation, which is kind of sad that it’s the BIG training camp story line. I’m sure you all know the Sabres can’t send Myers to the minors, but do have the option to play him 9 games (like a tryout) and if they like what they see he stays up here, if not he goes back to Siberia (or Canada). 

Personally, I want to see the kid stick around the parent club. From my understanding, Myers played well during training camp and is being touted as the future blue liner for the Sabres. And judging by his junior career, the guy can score. 42 points in 58 games last year. 
Now hear me out. I hate prospects in all sports! Mainly because I’m sick of this  “Mel Kiper age” of every young player whose last name is Foligino or Williams is going to save my team. 
But the problem with the Sabres (and the Bills) is they need help. As in now! If the Sabres had a strong blue line, I’d say send him back to juniors. But we all know that Tallinder and Lydman are on there way out. So why delay the inevitability. Let the kid play and take his bumps in the NHL. Not to mention the Sabres are severely lacking someone on the point to move the puck. 
I know some of you will act like overly protective parents who think their kid is too young to date. But history shows that 19-year-olds have been able to make the transition to the NHL. Jay Mckee was 19 when he debuted for the Sabres in 1996 and played 43 games. Look how he turned out. 
There’s no scientific way to dissect if you should play a rookie or let them sit. If the kid can play, he’s going to shine through. More importantly, the Sabres need a bolt of energy, some new blood. They need a future. 
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One Response to Tyler Myers situation

  1. Dale says:

    he needs to stay up, but you're sorely mistaken if you think he is the answer as a puck moving defenseman. i was at both home preseason games and puck movement is not his strongest part of his game. his size and reach are obviously his best assets, and he uses them well. he wont kill anyone like scott stevens, but he knows where to put his frame. but dont be surprised if he isnt racking up points. i would value him more as a solid, light footed big back end guy. like a hal gill, but younger and with better feet and a better upside. all in all, keep him up. let him learn. he wont develop playing against 18 yr olds.

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