WTF is wrong with the Bills return game?

I know last week I blogged about how I didn’t think the Bills should trade Roscoe Parrish. Well after this week, maybe it’s time to move him. Parrish has looked lost out there. Parrish isn’t even ranked in the top 30 for punt returners! He’s averaging 2.7 yards a punt return…that’s not a typo. 2.7 YARDS! 

Maybe Parrish is starting to become the next Devin Hester and Dante Hall. Remember how good both guys were at one time, and then boom! They take a couple too many hits and are promoted or demoted to a wide out spot. 
Dante Hall was the biggest example of this. At one point he was considered a MVP candidate for the Chiefs and then became a hasbeen at the age of 27. A player as small as Hall can’t take that many hits over a career. Parrish, who is only a inch taller than Hall is starting to look very tentative (ugh, there’s that word again) on returns and doesn’t seem to have the same burst he had the last couple of years. 
Another reason could be the mental aspect of Roscoe’s game. Maybe Parrish is starting to think he’s too good to be a returner and doesn’t want to work on his game to become better. Not to mention he feels he’s being underutilized as a receiver, and we’ve seen what happens to wide outs (T.O.) when they don’t feel like they are being involved enough.  They lose interest. 
But you can’t put all the blame on Parrish. You have to wonder how much the new NFL rule of outlawing kickoff wedges has effected the Bills return game. Take a look at the majority of Bills returns over the years, they’ve all been manufactured by the wedge. I can’t remember Terrence McGee or Leodis McKelvin breaking tackles and stopping on a dime to deek someone out. They get the ball and the follow their wedges. If Bobby April is this genius with special teams, he needs to hit the drawing board. 
It seems like the days of the Bills special teams being their main weapon may be drawing to a close. Actually in comparison to the offense, special teams is more like a pellet gun in comparison to the squirt gun the Bills offense represents. 
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