Owens is getting on my nerves

I had said after week 1 that the Terrell Owens honeymoon in Buffalo was over. Now I think we can start filling the divorce papers. And this has to do with both on and off the field issues.

As far as on the field goes..Hell, all of the Bills skill guys (besides Jackson) have struggled. But if there is one thing I know about Bills fans, they can’t stand when a player starts bitching and talking about non-related football issues, but it’s another when you’re a struggling on the field. Look at some of the quotes Owens has said over the week.

Owens: On the Bills staying in Buffalo:
“I would love it,” he says. “I mean, honestly, I think it would be great if the team stayed here. The only negative is — this is my first year, this is just me speaking out loud — but I think it should be an inside facility. They should be playing in a dome.”

Mind of Joe
I had said earlier that I didn’t mind the quote, because 99/100 players would say the same thing. The only people who want the Bills to play in the snow is Mr. Plow. But I’ve read message boards and some media people who start getting teary eye when players diss playing in the cold weather.

Owens: On his numbers being affected by the cold:
“But if you let (the news media) report, and I don’t have the same numbers I’ve had in years past, it’s going to be because, oh, I’m 35 years old. ‘Oh, he’s slowing down.’ … You put us in a dome then you have a valid point if those numbers don’t add up.”

Mind of Joe
Great, nothing like giving an excuse that your numbers may stink in December because of the weather. What’s your excuse now? The sun is beaming on my visor? Or better yet, what happens if we get that dome you’ve been talking about? I started counting how many nails were in the roof?

Owens: On his new offseason program
“After the season is over I’m going to take some classes,and I’m probably going to try to link up with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, and Chris Rock and some other guys, Morris Chestnut. I’m good friends with Jamie Foxx and see where it goes.”

Mind of Joe
What? You think he was going to work on not dropping passes? But hey, I’d of loved being an actor and I’m all for going out and doing pet projects, but not when Derek Schoman has 5 more catches than you do for the season! So great, now that we have all of T.O’s views on acting, snow, and the media we can get to his thoughts on football related material.

Flash forward to Sunday:

Owens: Thoughts on 186 straight games with a catch snapped:
“It’s Over”

Mind of Joe
Um, ok? I could of told you that.

Owens: On not getting the ball enough:
Just going with the plays that are called”

Mind of Joe
Owens used that answer 4 times during his post-game conference. One more reference and it would of tied the number of catches he has for the season.

Owens: Pressed by Jerry Sullivan on Trent Edwards not looking his way.
“I don’t want to answer that, because whatever I say you guys are going to turn it to however you want to say”

Mind of Joe
Great, take out your animosity on the local media that stuck up for you when ESPN decided to bury you after your comments on Edwards. Does T.O. even know that ESPN doesn’t even attend the Bills press conferences? Does he even know who Jerry Sullivan is? Of course not, because he doesn’t care what Bills fans think, he only thinks about the T.O. fans. That’s a big difference.

So now that we got the football questions out of the way for Sunday, lets go to what Owens is thinking about at around 7:30pm

Owens: On what his plans were for Sunday night,via Twitter:
“N traffic hungry as a hostage!! Who’s playing the sun nite game 2nite? Cn’t wait 2 get hm & kick my feet up!”

Mind of Joe
Of course, Owens would like to know whose playing on primetime, that’s what he cares about, being seen by millions of people. As far as being hungry, I’m surprised he didn’t do a shameless plug for his cereal.

Here’s the deal. Going into the season and even back to when Owens signed with the Bills, I didn’t care if Owens was going to star in 30 reality shows and come out with his own candy bar. I wanted him to produce. So far in 3 games, he hasn’t. Once you stop producing, I could give a crap what your extra curricular activities consist of.

I didn’t get on the Owens bandwagon because he was going to shine a star on Buffalo because of his reality show. Hell, I don’t care if he or the other 53 players on the roster hate living in Buffalo and find the nightlife to be awful. I want a winner! I want a player who is going to catch 70 balls for 12 touchdowns.

Owens may of made a lot of noise during the season off the field, but he sure as hell hasn’t done much on it. And until he does, He’s on my hit list. But Owens doesn’t care about what his critcis think of him, via twitter.

“Ok! Now I got tht outta the way I’m ready 4 next week’s game!! Gotta keep the faith! Let the critics & haters hate!!!”

Oh I’ll keep hating alright, until you do something on the field.

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