Bills offense needs to slow down

Call it flip flopping if you must, but I spoke in the preseason that I wanted the Bills offense to run more of a hurry up offense than a no-huddle offense. This week however, I’m very much down with the concept of no-huddling and snapping the Ball with 3-4 seconds on the play clock. The Bills have to keep the Saints offense off the field as much as possible.

As good as the Saints offense has been, their defense has very much to desire. You’re talking about a defense that gave up almost 400 yards in passing to Kevin Kolb. Kevin F’N Kolb! The Lions were even able to put up points with rookie QB Matthew Stafford. Edwards is better then Kolb and Stafford, but his best bet is to try and manage the game and eat up clock killing drives. The Bills can’t be enticed with the way Kolb and Stafford passed against the Saints.

The Bills need a whole lot of Fred Jackson. This is Jackson’s last game before Marshawn Lynch is reinstated from his 3 game suspension. You don’t think he wants to leave an impression that he should start over the Lynch? Jackson has turned a lot of heads in the NFL with his performance so far this year, another strong game would definitely put him over Lynch as the starting running back for the team. Look for Jackson to be a pivotal part of the Bills offense.

The only way Jackson gets left out in the cold is if the Saints get off to a fast start and the Bills start having to throw the ball all over the field. The Saints run defense hasn’t been tested this year yet, because their offense has forced teams to play catch up for most of the games. The Lions and The Eagles only ran the ball 19 times in each game against the Saints. The Bills need to almost double that in order to have a chance.
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