Bills defense has to sit back

I’ve been saying for months that the Bills should blitz more in order to get more pressure on opposing QB’s. However this is the NOT the week to do it against the Saints!
The Saints offense has been eating defenses alive, averaging 46 points a game. If I’m Perry Fewell I look at the way the Lions and Eagles defenses played against the Saints. Both defences relied heavily on the blitz. The Eagles have always been known for blitzing, while the Lions are adapting the philosophy of the Tennessee defense, which is a version of the “46.” Brees burned the blitz by using screen passes and quick 3 step drops. And with all that blitzing, Brees was only sacked twice.
The Bills need to pull the same defense the Giants played against the Bills in Superbowl XXV. Have 2-3 guys on the defensive line and drop back 8 guys. Flood the passing lanes with defenders and try and tee off on the wides.

I don’t want to sound dirty, but the Saints have issues when it comes to keeping their wides healthy. If you’re a player who gets hurt a lot, what’s the one thing you kind of want to avoid? contact. The Bills need to get into the Saints wides heads and make them fear for their life if they catch the ball. The Bills have decent tacklers at corners, but not enough heavy hitters. Hitting is about attitude, and it’s about time the Bills watch some film of Rodney Harrison and Ronnie Lott laying out some guys.
Give up on pressure
Drew Brees just doesn’t get sacked. The Saints only gave up an eyeopening 13 sacks last year. Think about it, that means out of Drew Brees record setting passing attempts of 635, he was sacked only 13 times. Remarkable.

The Bills have to wave the white flag in pass rushing and say, there’s no way we are going to get to Brees, so let the Saints beat us by the run. The Saints are banged up at runnining back with Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas battling injuries. The backs have gotten their yards thus far this season. Still who would you rather try and have beat you? Brees or B/T?

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