Owens speaks to the USA Today

Well to add fuel to the fire that Owens only talks to national publications, T.O. took a T.O. to talk with the USA Today. He spoke candidly about why he’s elected only to speak to media on Wednesdays and not after games. 

“It’s not mandated that I have to talk to the media after the game,” Owens says. “We have captains on this team. … Why can’t the captains speak for the team? … And so now it’s, like, I don’t say anything. And now that’s a story. I feel I have been unfairly criticized in whatever I have to say,” Owens says. “So it’s a point where I’m getting frustrated. I don’t want this to be a bad situation here in Buffalo.”

Mind of Joe
Ugh, just shut up bro. I get it, it’s your right that you don’t want to talk. But how many times do you have to goto outside outlets and tell them that. All of your interviews are the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love T.O. the player, but as a person, he’s a bore and says the same shit everyday. This person hates me, that person wants me gone. Just shut up! Say something funny or witty. And if you can’t stand ESPN, just change the channel dude. 
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