Owens likes domes

Here is an excerpt from the USA Today on Owens feelings on playing in the cold of Buffalo. 

“But if you let (the news media) report, and I don’t have the same numbers I’ve had in years past, it’s going to be because, oh, I’m 35 years old. ‘Oh, he’s slowing down.’ … You put us in a dome then you have a valid point if those numbers don’t add up.”

Toronto has a dome.

“Exactly,” he says.

The Bills will play the New York Jets in a dome-away-from-home game in Toronto in December. Many Bills fans fret that such games are a harbinger of their beloved Bills moving there some day.

How does Owens feel about the Bills staying in Buffalo?

“I would love it,” he says. “I mean, honestly, I think it would be great if the team stayed here. The only negative is — this is my first year, this is just me speaking out loud — but I think it should be an inside facility. They should be playing in a dome.”

Mind of Joe
Well, you can draw two conclusions from this. 1) Owens hates the cold. 2) He’s making up an excuse for him possibly not having a good December in Buffalo. Personally, I don’t care if he hates the cold. I’m sure if you asked 99 out of 100 players if they’d rather play in a blizzard or a dome, they will say “so long long johns.” That’s why people don’t take trips to the North Pole. 
As for as saying the weather effects his play, I don’t buy that. Andre Reed and James Lofton’s best games as a tandem was the 1990 playoffs against the Raiders and Dolphins, go look up the weather forecast for those games. Now if it’s windy, it’s a different story. But if it’s 22 degrees with snow but no wind, that shouldn’t have dick to do with the passing game.
The quotes also got me thinking of what Owens thoughts will be when the Bills play in Toronto. Look, lets be honest. Take away our Buffalo roots and step back away from the situation, you can’t tell me Buffalo is a better city than Toronto. You know the Toronto media is going to try and get Owens to show some love to Toronto. Some fans most likely will take that as a punch in the gut, like what happen with Willis McGahee and his love for Toronto clubs.  Stay tune. 
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