Owens speaks

Calling all red carpet event planners. The State of T.O.’s Union seems to be happening on Wednesdays. Owens who has missed the last  two post-game media sessions seems to have taken a liking to going midweek. Here’s why he decided that talking to the media isn’t a good thing.

“I think that with anything I say, it has been kind of misconstrued or taken out of context, so you’re right, it is my prerogative and I’m filling my obligations throughout the course of the week where I talk to the media, so it’s not mandated that I talk to media after the game,” said Owens. ”As long as I’m fulfilling my obligations as far as talking to the media throughout the week, then I’m doing my job. Obviously I’m not trying to slight the fans by any means. Those fans were fantastic, first regular season (home) game and obviously it was a big accomplishment for myself and for the team with a win. Other than that, that’s pretty much my stance on it.”
I still don’t buy that. Owens has been misquoted by the media for the last 3 years. From his accidental suicide to not being happy with Parcells. I totally feel he’s waiting for his break-out performance and whether ESPN is going to be at one of his news conferences.
Onto Owens performance. He didn’t try blaming his performance and drops on anyone else but himself and his visor.  
“I just feel like I let some opportunities slip,” he said. ”And obviously with the deep ball I kind of relaxed and the shield was kind of dirty from the couple plays before, so you know, again, I have high standards for myself, and obviously I’m pleased with the win and that we won. We came back and sealed the win, but like I said, I have high standards for myself and it wasn’t my best game. I just try to perform at a high level.”
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