Sabres preview

OK, I know I’ve written like one positive Sabres post..I think I liked the Grier signing..but I’m trying not to make this blog as negative as possible. I think my Bills posts are fair. Some positive, some negative. But it’s time to give the Sabres some more love. I’ll be honest, I’m a football guy and I really don’t take an interest in the Sabres until January. Now if their on TV of course I’ll watch them. And I will be getting center Ice because I do have a new 46 inch flat screen tv.

But I do feel after watching the team for over 20 years, I’ll be able to give a good opinion and some cool stats you never thought of.

But I feel in order for me to give some love to the Sabres or to at least get into them, I have to write about the team itself, and not so much about my disdain towards WGR/Sabres, Mr. Mulligan/Mr Seles/ and Tinny Tim. Don’t worry I will revisit that again at some point.

So I’m going to start doing my preview for the team. The way I look at the Sabres is they have two teams. They have the old guard and the new guard. The old guard consists of the players who were around the glory days of 2005-2007. The New guard are the kids who are making their way from Portland or have only been on the team for a couple of years.

The way I’m going to do my preview section is by New Guard and Old Guard positions (example, Sabres Defenseman: New Guard, Sabres forwards: Old guard) You get the point. So stay tune.

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6 Responses to Sabres preview

  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    I know nothing about Hockey so I leave the commenting to Dirty Dale for this! I'll be at the game on Oct 8th cheering my ass of when we score or a big hit or a fight…besides that I have no clue whats going on half the time. Go Sabres!

  2. Dale says:

    old guards that bother me:1. Henrik Tallinder – its ok to use your body ya know.2. Jochen Hecht – ill give you the benefit of the doubt. last year was bad…get better.3. Derek Roy – youre 26. stop acting 14…you napolean bitch. i also wouldnt mind if an opponent,or even mike grier popped that stupid smirk off your face and let you know whats guards i have high hopes for:1. Myers – his reach alone can improve the PK 2. Chris Butler – has shown some good offensive touch this preseason. we'll need that this year.3. McCormick – better at hockey than peters. could turn into a fan favorite easily if he shows up every night.

  3. joe says:

    I'll be honest I dont think his play has anything do do with his night life activities, i mean lets be real athletes and drinking are like peanut butter and jelly…and mix it with Buffalo it becomes fluff. But he has to stop being cute and get dirty when scoring

  4. Dale says:

    yeah thats what i meant. he is a child on the ice. always whining, diving, trying the cute little dipsy doodle move. drives me nuts. id much rather see an ugly goal than a cute one. you dont score too many cute ones in the playoffs.

  5. joe says:

    true that, where you from dale? your not dale from syracuse are you?

  6. Dale says:

    no, i live in buffalo. as i have for most of my life.

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