Sabres make roster moves

The Sabres have trimmed their roster down to 33 players. That’s all that remain from the 53 who started training camp in Buffalo. 14 players were sent down to Portland on Tuesday.

The headliner is Tyler Ennis. The Sabres selected him with their 2nd first round pick in 2008. 2007 2nd rounder, T.J. Brennan, is also headed to the Pirates.

Joining Ennis and Brennan will be forwards Paul Byron, Brad Larsen, Maxime Legault, Mark McCutcheon, Kyle Rank, Travis Turnbull and Derek Whitmore, blueliners Matt Generous, Mike Kostka, Dennis Persson and Drew Schiestel and goaltender J.P. Lamoureux.

Mind of Joe
This is why I hate,,,HATE! rookies, draft picks, prospects. I had a heated debate on a message board on WGR when they had their rookie camp reports about how guys like TJ Brennan and Tyler Ennis were destroying the competition. I got a lot of flack about it because my stance was the writers of the report made it out that these young kids were sent from the heavens to bring the Sabres to the promise land. The comments from readers on the story were ridiculous about expectations.

I’m not a scout and until I see what a player looks like at the NHL level I reserve my opinion. I don’t want to rehash how Mike Ryan, Vckslav Varada, and Dominic Pitis own Rochester scoring records and did jack in the NHL. I also feel the Sabres (smartly) promote their kids way too much to get fans excited about the prospect of having Mike Foligno’s son jumping through the air when he scores his first goal and Tim Kennedy being a Buffalo home-town kid.

Don’t believe? Go to the Sabres site and see how they have profile videos on all their young kids going to the minors. Fans expectations get way to big when it comes to these kids. It’s not just the NHL, it’s all sports. Again, show me what you got at the NHL level. Then I’ll draw a conclusion.

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