The Bills need to get celebrities!

The Buffalo Bills really need to find some celebrities from either Toronto or Rochester to chill on the sidelines for their games. Fricken the Dolphins have J.Lo and Mark Anthony coming to their games. Even Tiger Woods was on the sidelines giving high fives to Peyton Manning. Even Jerry Jones was able to have Lebron James at the Cowboys game, and he isn’t even from there! Can’t we call the lead singer from Goo Goo Dolls to hang out on the sidelines, considering half of his songs end up being tracks for Sabres highlight videos. Hell, half the NHL players are from Ontario.

What about Avril Lavigne? She’s Canadian. And lets not forget, Buffalo still has Wolf Blitzer, the most trusted newsman in TV. Heck the former wrestler turned reality star, Chyna aka Joanie Laurer is from Rochester. And if you can’t get Joanie, get Taye Diggs whose also from there. I’m sick of only seeing Jim Kelly on the sideline. It’s time for Buffalo to get cool! While we are at it, here is a list of people from Rochester who are famous.

Jordan Clarke (actor)
Taye Diggs (actor)
Pete Duel (actor)
Nicole Fiscella (actress)
Robert Forster (actor)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Oscar-winning actor)
Mimi Kennedy (actress)
Norman Kerry (silent film actor)
Vanessa Lane (porn actress)
Hudson Leick (actress, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised in Rochester)
John Lithgow (actor, raised in Ohio)
Vincent Martella (actor)
Timothy Mitchum (actor and singer)
Hugh O’Brian (actor)
Michael Park (daytime actor, Broadway actor)
Richard Ryder (actor)
Savanna Samson (porn actress)
Brennan Swain (actor)
Tom Villard (T.V. and film actor)

Um OK, not exactly a whose who. Thought Richard Ryder was Richard Pryor when I first saw the name. OK, lets try Buffalo.

Steve Abbott
Nick Bakay
Christine Baranski
Michael Bennett
Amanda Blake
Sorrell Booke
David Boreanaz
Foster Brooks
Kyle Chandler
Katharine Cornell
Don Criqui
Andrew Dan-Jumbo
Diane English
Morton Feldman
William Fichtner
Tom Fontana
Vincent Gallo
Teddy Geiger
Rick James
Jeffrey Jones
Rachael Lillis
Wendie Malick
Gary Mallaber
Nancy Marchand
Jesse L. Martin
Bill Mazer
Brian McKnight
David Milch
Greg Mullavy
Chad Michael Murray
Willie Nile
Chelsea Noble
Beth Phoenix
Joey Reynolds
Mark Russell
William Sadler
John Schuck
Dick Shawn
Billy Sheehan
Buffalo Bob Smith
April Stevens
Fran Striker
Nino Tempo
James Watson
Cory Wells
Jessica White
James Whitmore
Jack Yellen

Well I’ll be dipped in s#$t, Principal Rooney from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is from here. Get HIM ON THE PHONE! VIP Treatment! KEY To the city…sigh..maybe we are better off with Jim Kelly roaming the sidelines.
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2 Responses to The Bills need to get celebrities!

  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    Isn't the principal dead?

  2. Dale says:

    no, jeffrey jones is not dead, but he is a registered sex offender, which in terms of your soul, is almost the same as being dead. but rick james and nancy marchand are definitely dead.

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