Owens vs the media

I’m trying to figure out why Owens isn’t talking to the media. I mean the guy is a media whore. Part of me thinks it’s because he’s pissed off at ESPN for taking his comments about Edwards out of context. But this isn’t the first time Owens has had beef with ESPN. Hell, they had Ed Werner trying to find any dirt on Owens from firing PR people to sabotaging Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson. But the telling card was what Allen Wilson said in his chat earlier today.

TO spoke after EVERY Cowboys game the LAST THREE YEARS!!! Maybe he doesn’t think small-town Buffalo media is worthy of his time

Bingo. It makes sense. Even Owens during the preseason made comments about how small the media gathering was at One Bills Drive. I’m not sure what national outlets were at the Bills game on Sunday, but judging by ESPN’s decision to have the Bills highlights up last on SportsCenter they most likely didn’t have anyone there. I’m sure Owens after a game looks out to see who the media party consists of. Maybe if it had been Access Hollywood he would be more respective. Since it was just the local media, Owens could give a crap. He’s all about camera time and feels he’s bigger than the Buffalo media. Not cool man, considering the Buffalo media for the most part was on your side after the bogus ESPN report. It will be interesting to see what the headlines will read next week if Owens struggles again.
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2 Responses to Owens vs the media

  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    Yo Whitner got robbed!

  2. Dale says:

    Mind of Dale: Don't wake the hibernating bear.

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