Is Mount Owens ticking?

Admit it. You knew if Owens didn’t catch a 42 yard bomb from Trent Edwards, Owens was going to blow up. Prior to the touchdown pass, Owens was having an afternoon he’d like to forget. Owens had two costly drops, one in the endzone and another which would of gained at least 40 yards. Then to top it off, the fans and media were playing the body language game.

Lets call it what it is, Owens is a diva, an ego maniac. He has to be the man no mater the cost. He will throw players and coaches under the bus if he feels he’s not getting the credit he deserves.

Even though the Bills were in control for most of the game, Owens didn’t seem to be enjoying his first game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Owens should of been a bigger factor, but he must of forgotten his stick em spray when he dropped his 2 first half passes. Owens was pissed, especially towards the end of the 3rd quarter when Fox cameras had cutaway shots of him on the sidelines looking as if his reality show was canceled.

Look, I don’t really care about Owens temper tantrums on the sidelines, because they happen all the time in the NFL. Even if Owens throws players under the bus, they are professionals and when the whistle blows everything that happens during the week is forgotten. What I don’t like are dropped passes. We knew we would get that with Owens, considering he led the league in drops. But if you’re going to drop the ball you better be able to pick it up.

Owens finally was able to have his moment, by scoring on a 42-yard bomb from Edwards. Owens soaked in all the cheers of the fans chanting his name, and celebrated by doing his Incredible Hulk celebration on the sidelines. And of course Owens decided not to talk after the game, but did tweet the following:

How bout those Bills!!! Nt my best game but we pulled it out!!

Well, at least he didn’t blame AVP and Edwards..yet..
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